The Appeal of Antique Coins

Over the past decade (and probably more), the rising prices of gold and silver has been responsible for the growing popularity in antique coin collecting. In addition, antique dealers and collectors like coin collecting because of the gold or silver coin’s place in history.

Scottsdale Antiques and Jewelry is a coin buyer. Due to the rising interest in buying antique coins, we will buy them for cash.


How Does An Antique Dealer Determine the Value of Antique Coins?

Mintage & Demand
Mintage is defined as the amount of coins produced by the US Mint who produces all of our nation’s coins in circulation in addition to collector coins and bullion. Obviously, the lower the mintage (a low number of coins produced), the more valuable those coins will be. It’s a typical example of supply and demand – the less produced (less supply) will typically trigger be met with higher demand and this, higher values.

Melt Value
The melt value of any precious metal, such as gold or silver, refers to its dollar value if it were melted at the current day international spot price. And this is what interests many antique dealers, numismatists, and hobbyists. The rising prices of precious metals basically transfer a higher value to rare gold and silver coins. The values oftentimes are worth more than their collector value.

The grade of a coin refers to its condition (appearance) which is a key determinant in its value. Antique dealers consider uncirculated coins to be in the best condition for buying or selling. Coins are typically graded with 6 criteria in mind: strike, preservation, luster, color, attractiveness, and the country/state in which they’re minted.

Scottsdale Antiques and Jewelry can help you understand more about determining the value of your gold or silver coins. We’e happy to talk with you, educate you, and even appraise your coins.

Scottsdale Antiques and Jewelry specializes in estate liquidations as well as the buying and selling of rare gold and silver coins, estate jewelry, and antiques.

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